REAC/UPCS Inspections

Maximize your REAC inspection score

A good REAC score is not simply a matter of common sense or knowing local building standards, but of understanding how to play by REAC’s rules.

Having OSI on your team enables your property to get the best achievable REAC inspection results.

How OSI helps with REAC inspections

We come to the property at least a month in advance of the scheduled REAC visit and pre-inspect it according to the UPCS protocol, using the same approach the REAC inspector will.

Our inspection covers

  • Site
  • Building systems
  • Building exterior
  • Common area elements
  • Sample units

Immediately after the inspection you will receive a full pre-inspection report in HUD 4.0 software. It will provide

  • Anticipated REAC score
  • Details of all observed deficiencies
  • Photographs of all trouble spots
  • Recommended work orders

The inspector will sit down with building management to go over the report and recommend ways to correct the deficiencies.

Partnering with OSI is the best way to ensure a successful inspection

All On-Site Insight inspectors are REAC-certified. We have been performing these inspections for nearly 20 years, and have done more than 35,000 REAC inspections and pre-inspections.

Get the best achievable REAC score


REAC is the Real Estate Assessment Center of HUD. REAC is responsible for performing some 20,000 annual inspections of rental housing owned, insured, or funded by HUD. These are “REAC Inspections”, and are intended to ensure that the property is safe and suitable for occupancy.

These inspections are carried out following the Uniform Physical Condition Standard (UPCS) Protocol. As a result, they are sometimes also called “UPCS inspections”.