Green Capital Needs Assessments

Plan and pay for green retrofits as part of an overall facility finance plan

Energy and water efficiency planning is becoming an integral part of overall facility capital planning.

OSI’s green capital needs assessment provides a facility owner or manager with

  • The current condition of all key facility systems and components
  • How those systems will age and perform over the next 20 years
  • An energy audit, including life cycle cost analysis (LCCA) for each possible retrofit
  • A plan for maintaining capital reserves to pay for all anticipated maintenance and upgrades, comparing both conventional and green capital needs

What you get in your GCNA

The OSI GCNA integrates our capital needs assessment and our energy audit, for a comprehensive financial analysis of both convention and green alternatives.

The integrated approach allows for analyzing all building components with green benefits in view, such as the costs and savings of replacing vinyl cabinets with bamboo, or providing a permeable surface for the parking lot.

Lenders use the GCNA to underwrite the costs and benefits of proposed green retrofits.

Assessment and analysis

We assess and analyze all documentation, then perform physical assessment of every one of up to 200 building systems and components.

Using the expected useful life of each component, we run a financial analysis to determine necessary reserves for maintenance and replacement.

This includes a true LCCA for every possible energy improvement, and compares replacement scenarios for both green and conventional systems.


The GCNA report includes

  • Standard CNA that exceeds ASTM 2018 standards, with 20-year capital needs projections and replacement reserve analyses
  • Energy analysis, including utility bill analysis, disaggregated end uses, and carbon footprint
  • TREAT energy modeling
  • Life cycle cost analysis for each retrofit
  • Clear retrofit recommendations with recognized financial metrics: net present value (NPV), internal rate of return (IRR), and savings to investment ratio (SIR)
  • Standard and infrared photos
  • Side-by-side comparisons of conventional and green capital needs
  • Separate reserve estimates for green capital needs
  • Indoor air quality analysis with diagnostic testing results (optional)

Assure the green future of your facility

OSI provides a reliable way to integrate green retrofits into facility capital planning

Our staff has long experience both with capital needs assessment and with energy audits—and has already done many green capital needs assessments. We developed the GCNA in collaboration with Enterprise Community Partners.

All are certified by the Building Performance Institute (BPI) as Building Analysts and Multi-Family Analysts, and some are also LEED Green Associates.