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Confidently make the best decisions for your facility

When it comes to the facility, building, or property you’re responsible for, you want to make the best upgrade decisions, the best maintenance decisions, the best energy efficiency decisions, and the best financial decisions for it.

We give you the information you need to make those decisions. You can know the complete condition of every system in your facility, know when you’ll need to replace it, and ensure that you have money in your reserve to pay for it. You can make energy or water efficiency improvements with the same confidence, and compare green and conventional replacements against each other.

We speak for your building

Facility staff are generally pleased to see us, because they can talk to someone they trust, speaks their language, and understands the issues they face.

We know what we’re doing. We’re not excitable, and little surprises us—climb from cellar to roof in enough buildings, and you’ll see pretty much everything.

We want your building to work at its best.

Who we are

We started small in 1989, with one building guy who thought facility owners and managers could use some help from someone who understood their problems. The company grew steadily, hiring trusted colleagues, including former facility managers, engineers, maintenance people, and builders. In August of 2008, On-Site Insight was acquired by Recap Real Estate Advisors and operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of Recap.
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What we do for you

We can give you a plan to keep your building working at its best for the next 20 years, and tell you the most capital-effective way to pay for it.
Capital Needs Assessments

We can tell you how to save energy and water in the most cost-effective way, steering you away from ineffective solutions to those with the biggest long-term gain.
Energy Audits

Or give you an integrated capital needs and energy retrofit assessment.
Green Capital Needs Assessments

And, if you own or manage affordable housing, we can help you with your REAC inspection.
REAC Services

We are also an Approved Reserve Study Specialist for Marriot International

Want to make decisions about your facility?

Call us and talk to someone who likes talking about buildings—and will particularly enjoy talking about yours.

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