Capital Needs Assessments

Understand your facility’s physical condition and future needs

Keeping a facility maintained, upgraded, and functional requires continual work and continual investment, whether it’s a multifamily apartment building, a hospital, a school, or a recreational facility.

OSI’s capital needs assessment provides a facility owner or manager with

  • The current condition of all key facility systems and components
  • How those systems will age and perform over the next 20 years
  • A plan for maintaining capital reserves to pay for all anticipated maintenance and upgrades

What you get in your CNA

The OSI CNA is a neutral third-party report that supports planning and decision making for facility management, operations management, and due diligence, and can be used to obtain financing.

Before the assessment

We plan an on-site discussion with facilities staff and upper management prior to assessment, ensuring a common understanding of priorities, issues, and concerns.

We also review construction drawings and any information on building rehabs and other changes to gain an understanding of the facility’s history.


We walk through every part of the facility and examine every one of up to 200 building systems and components. We also identify any safety concerns.


We assess the actual condition of each system and building component and calculate its expected useful life.

And we know useful life—we created the useful life tables used by Fannie Mae.

We then run financial models to determine the necessary reserves over time, taking into account what we learned about management’s future plans.


The final product is a detailed report that includes

  • Narrative summarizing both property condition and expected needs
  • Photographs with explanatory annotations showing every building system
  • Detailed descriptions of each building and site system, including expected useful life with proposed replacement and specific reserve analysis
  • Tables detailing all quantitative information
  • Charts and graphs summarizing the information visually

OSI provides the most effective way to do facility capital planning

Our staff includes a wide mix of expertise. We have assessors with backgrounds in engineering, construction, and facilities management. Whether it’s the building envelope or the internal mechanicals, OSI has direct experience with it.

We meet or exceed all commonly used standards, including ASTM 2018.

Clients with large portfolios who ask us to do one of their facilities often hire us to do the rest.

Assure the future of your facility

An essential tool

As a neutral third-party verification of building state with clear financing projections, the OSI CNA is invaluable for

  • enabling agreement among stakeholders
  • obtaining financing
  • making a case to funding and regulatory bodies